Quality of Life

Oct 4, 2013 | Blog Posts

There are many reasons to bring your business to Fayetteville and Cumberland County, NC. One reason is the great quality of life our area has to offer.

Fayetteville-Cumberland County NC is a family friendly place, with lots to see and do.

There are 14 golf courses here, plus 7 museums and 43 parks! There are also over 1500 retails shops and over 400 restaurants. Education is important to our community, with three excellent colleges in the area: Methodist University, Fayetteville State University and Fayetteville Technical Community College.

Fayetteville-Cumberland County NC boasts a 5.80% lower than average cost of living according to the ACCRA Cost of Living Index, and was ranked 3rd Most Affordable Housing Market by Coldwell Banker.

Fayetteville is truly a great place to live and do business. In fact, Fayetteville is a 3 time winner of the All America City Award!

Below is an infographic showcasing Fayetteville-Cumberland County’s quality of life.

business in fayetteville nc

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