Doing Business

Workforce Development

Enthusiasm and hard work have long been a part of the business landscape in Fayetteville and Cumberland County, NC. We have a workforce with a median age of 30—far below the national median—and a higher-than-average percentage of workers who have college degrees (Biological and Biomedical Sciences, Computer and Information Sciences, and Mathematics and Statistics are the most common). Every year, that workforce grows by thousands of military retirees with high levels of technical skills and personal discipline. Additionally, we have a steady supply of well-educated military spouses.

Our 21.2 percent per-capita GDP growth over the past decade is solid proof of our area’s productivity and the success of our right-to-work status. Our dedication to hard work and our supply of skilled workers is an ideal combination for our key industries like defense support services, advanced manufacturing, business services, food processing, and logistics.

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If the nature of your business demands utility services with large capacity and deep resources, Fayetteville and Cumberland County have the capacity you need. If your new manufacturing or food processing facility will need large quantities of water or extra sewer capacity, we have plenty of both. If you’re in the defense or financial services sectors, where connectivity matters most, you’ll appreciate our extensive network of fiber and broadband.

Not only do our local utility providers have the abundant capacity—they share our area’s friendly, cooperative approach to doing business. Within Fayetteville, you can count on friendly electricity, water, and sewer service from PWC, the city’s hometown utility. We are also served by MetroNet Fiber and Segra Fiber, Duke Progress Energy, and numerous rural electric cooperatives.

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Taxes & Incentives

Our local leaders recognize that a healthier business community is a critical element in providing the best possible quality of life for residents. That’s why we’ve developed a variety of incentives to encourage companies to locate and expand here to improve the number and quality of local jobs, and strengthening area’s overall tax base.

Local Incentives

When you move or expand your business to Fayetteville and Cumberland County, you will be presented with an array of local incentives ranging from discounted land, extension of utilities, and customized education and training for your employees.

Tier 1 Designation

Cumberland County is classified as Tier 1 under the NC Department of Commerce. Under the state’s economic tier system, there are lowered overall costs for doing business in Tier 1 counties.

Opportunity & HUBZones

Opportunity zones are designated to encourage job creation, economic activity, housing, and other community investments. HUBZones are historically underutilized business zones where the government limits competition for certain contracts to companies.

See a map of the Opportunity and HUBZones in Fayetteville and Cumberland County

Foreign Trade Zones (FTZs)

With our community being so accessible to a variety of ports and international airports, FTZs are all around our region. These areas allow for the importing of goods while being exempt from duties and payment.

Learn more about FTZs

State Incentives

You project may qualify for cash grants and special funding surrounding building reuse, transportation, and job development investment (JDIG). Our team will help you navigate through the state incentives to ensure you are getting the assistance you need.

Learn more about state incentives

Permit Process

Whether you need a permit for grading, clearing, or building, FCEDC is here to help guide you to the finish line of your project in America’s Can Do City. We work alongside premier engineers to establish your needs early on, so you can move swiftly through the permit process.

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