Manufacturing in Cumberland County: An Industry Defined by Hard Work, Diversity, and Ingenuity

May 30, 2018 | Blog Posts

As Existing Industry Month comes to an end, FCEDC is proud to recognize the many companies that develop, produce, and recycle products across Cumberland County. Manufacturers make up one of our largest industry sectors and their hard work, diversity, and ingenuity contribute greatly to our community’s business climate.

According to the NC Department of Commerce, manufacturing companies provide more than 6,200 jobs in our County, representing over $371 million in earnings each year. Many of these jobs are highly technical and require specialized skills and training. Careers in engineering, computer operations, maintenance, safety, human resources, management, production, and logistics are all found in today’s industrial operations. Local workers’ backgrounds are as diverse as their job titles with some employees originally from Europe, Asia, and South America.

These companies vary in size and produce a wide range of products. The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Plant has been a staple of our economy since 1969. Its 2,500 employees produce replacement and original equipment tires for vehicles across North America. The DAK Americas plant manufacturers PET Resin, a main component of water bottles, peanut butter jars, and other food-grade plastics. Clear Path Recycling, LLC, a joint venture between DAK Americas and Shaw Industries Group, Inc., annually recycles 280 million pounds of these bottles into RPET Flake for polyester carpets.

Other businesses develop innovative solutions that fulfill specific needs and increase efficiency for industrial and commercial operations. Headquartered in Downtown Fayetteville, U-TECK manufactures specialized products of this kind for the telecommunication, utility, municipal, and transportation industries.

Beyond providing jobs and investment, manufacturers regularly give back to our community through disaster relief and financial support of local, state, and national organizations. FCEDC greatly appreciates the positive economic and social impacts of this important segment of our private sector.

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