Workforce Advantages

Jul 23, 2013 | Blog Posts

The unique workforce in Cumberland County and the surrounding areas is one that serves business development perfectly. There are a few reasons the workforce in Cumberland County is so prime for strong growth.

Fayetteville is located next to Fort Bragg, one of the largest military installations in the United States’ Armed Forces. With over 10,000 men and women exited the military each year, the proximity to Fort Bragg means smart, talented and eager-to-work veterans are entering our civilian work force all the time. Many choose to Fayetteville and Cumberland County home after they part ways with the military. In fact, over 40,000 veterans call Cumberland County home. Many veterans entering the workforce are not only educated and well trained, but also possess the desirable skills of being a strong leader and have reliable work ethic.

The average age of the workforce in Cumberland County is 34-years-old with 58% male and 42% female. Close to 90% of the population is 25+ and has completed high school; over 20% of the same age group have a college degree.

Manpower, Inc ranked Cumberland County the 3rd best job market in the nation.

Fayetteville, NC and Cumberland County are in a prime location to easily reach as well, which makes it an easy location for families to settle. Located mid-way between New York and Miami and along the I-95 corridor, many residents find their way to the area because of it’s ease in travel along the east coast.

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