Logistics & Distribution in Cumberland County: Accessible, Affordable, and Growing

May 25, 2018 | Blog Posts

For Existing Industry Month, FCEDC is continuing to recognize the businesses that make up our private sector, the jobs they provide, and their impact on our economy.

Our community’s location on Interstate-95, rail infrastructure, and proximity to shipping ports have made it a central hub for the transportation, warehousing, and wholesale industries. According to the NC Department of Commerce (NCDoC), these segments provide more than 6,600 jobs and represent over $317 million in earnings annually in Cumberland County.

Local companies transport a variety of products and resources to and from consumers, industrial facilities, and the U.S. Military. Walmart Distribution Center orderfills, receives, and ships merchandise for 133 Walmart SuperCenters and Neighborhood Markets in our region. Ellery Homestyles ships brand-name and private label curtains, bedding, and home-fashion products for retailers like Walmart, Kohls, and Amazon. Their e-commerce division has recently grown, with 2/3 of Ellery’s inventory now being sent directly to online buyers. Manufacturers rely on trucking companies, like Slay Transportation and Tidewater Transit, to carry dry bulk materials and/or liquid along their supply chain. Fort Bragg also contracts private firms, like The Logistics Company, to handle some of its warehousing and transportation operations.

Logistics is one of the fastest-growing industries in our area. This month, the NCDoC reported that 700 truck drivers have been hired in our County since January 1st. Campbell Soup Supply and DHL Supply Chain will also create 195 distribution jobs as they build a new, $40 million facility in the Cedar Creek Business Center.

FCEDC appreciates the work of our community’s distribution and logistics companies. Without their services, our store shelves would be empty, and many other industries would cease to function. National and international businesses are taking notice of Fayetteville’s location and we anticipate continued growth in this sector.

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