Celebrating Manufacturing Day 2021

Sep 16, 2021 | Blog Posts

Manufacturing is one of the primary drivers of our national economy and FCEDC is getting ready to celebrate Manufacturing Day this year. Held yearly on the first Friday in October, the event focuses on the positive impacts of manufacturers at a local, national, and global level, as well as inspiring future generations to pursue a rewarding career in the sector. Many companies in innovative manufacturing have chosen to be headquartered in, or produce, in our community, from metalworking to auto parts, plastic molding to lighting and appliances, to electrical transmission components. The industry has a profound impact on our local economy. According to the National Association of Manufacturers, for every $1.00 spent in the industry, another $2.79 is added to the economy.

The manufacturing industry consists of incredibly diverse careers and people that contribute to our proud “Made in America” production. Manufacturing is one of the largest sectors in our community (Data USA) and many local partners have collaborative efforts in customizing workforce training to cater to specific job functions. Our colleges and universities also provide relevant courses outside of customized training, such as engineering, electrical systems, computer-integrated machining, fabrication, and welding. Manufacturers in Fayetteville and Cumberland County vary in size and produce a wide range of products, including auto parts, plastics, air filtration systems, and textiles.

To serve the manufacturing community’s interests, FCEDC supports the Fayetteville Area Plant Managers Association (PMA), which is Cumberland County’s network of plant managers, providing a forum for varied concerns and interests, such as education, community involvement, economic development, utility costs, healthcare, and taxes. Please join FCEDC in celebrating our manufacturers on October 1!