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Business stories needed

If your Internet connection at your business or farm location is limiting your daily activities and applications or even your ability to grow, now is the time to tell your story. If your Internet connection is adequate, your input is also needed. Fond du Lac County businesses still have time to fill out the Business Broadband Survey ( by November 15th. Your responses could help identify where better Internet service is needed.

More input is especially needed from businesses in the rural areas of Fond du Lac County. “The internet has become a necessity; the slow operation in a “dead zone” of high speed access has limited the capacity and efficiency that our business can run at,” says Dave Caves, Wenger Roofing & Sheet Metal from the rural Campbellsport area.

Caves continues, “With a young and spirited office and field force, there are opportunities for this technology to continue to grow within our business model leading to the ability to take market share from those who choose to stick to the old ways of business. The hindrance of a slow internet speed will cause development and implementation periods to be drawn out longer costing time and money that is needed elsewhere. We are but one story of those “Country” businesses/folks who do not have the ability to keep up with the times due to poor broadband speeds. We hope that others look into this survey to share their stories as well. We can build a healthier community that is encouraging individuals and businesses to use tools in technology to make us all more efficiently connected.”

Fond du Lac County has partnered with the Fond du Lac County Economic Development Corporation (FCEDC), Wisconsin Public Service Commission, and LinkWISCONSIN to assess the County’s broadband needs and gaps with the goal of identifying rural areas that are either underserved or not served at all with high speed Internet service for both businesses and residents. Results will be used in two ways: 1) locations will be mapped to show unmet needs or demand for high speed Internet, and 2) submissions will be used to communicate need to area Internet providers to better determine where to locate new infrastructure or service.

Hurry, the survey deadline is now November 15th. Please share this information with your business and farm colleagues in Fond du Lac County.


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